Sandy Gold Project - 2020 Drill Program January 2021 (based on weather)

DRILL PROGRAM COMMENCING DECEMBER 2020 / JANAURY 2021 (based on weather) - 1500 meters and up to 10 Holes - Focus: High Grade Gold

The Sandy Gold Project (“Sandy”), located in Lyon County, Nevada, USA, shows widespread alteration and mineralization hosted by Tertiary volcanic rocks. Alteration mostly occurs as argillization of the host volcanic units, closely associated with iron oxides. Mineralization is most obviously expressed as several types of veins, including banded epithermal veins with chalcedonic to finely crystalline quartz, with varying amounts of calcite and adularia, and local barite. Coarse-grained calcite veins are also present.

“Sandy exhibits alteration, mineralization, and geochemical signatures consistent with other low-to-intermediate-sulfidation deposits in the vicinity, including Como, Hercules, and the Comstock Lode,” states Management NV Gold. “Como was in gold and silver production from 1900-1940, Hercules includes a current gold resource, and the Comstock Lode highlights the potential of this area in the Walker Lane structural province, with historic production of 8.4 Moz Au and over 190 Moz Ag.”

Sandy was originally explored in 1993-1994, which included geologic mapping, rock-chip and soil sampling, and drilling. Rock-chip assay and geochemistry values of 1.5 ppm Au, 7937 ppm As, 240 ppm Sb, and 31 ppm Hg. Seventeen (17) holes were drilled, where the strongest values were identified to be found in the altered zones and in vein systems. The Company is currently reviewing the geological database, and historical drill intercepts found in preliminary reports are:

Sandy-6: 0.84 g/t Au from 45.7m to 57.9m, 1.16 g/t Au from 106.7m to 115.8m, 0.53 g/t Au from 131.1m to 140.2;
Sandy-7: 0.91 g/t Au from 48.8m to 54.9m; and
Sandy-10: 0.44 g/t Au from 48.8m to 54.9m.

“These types of deposits are ideal for structural targeting, and we look forward to initiating our own mapping and sampling campaign this fall,” continues Management, NV Gold. “We are currently planning on building a better understanding of mineral deposits for the Sandy vicinity, and will look to assess additional information from our databases regarding the project and local area.”

NV Gold notes that there is no guarantee that the historical results are representative and cannot guarantee that the Company will be able to duplicate the results with future exploration programs. NV Gold’s management team does not view the Sandy project material to the Company at this time.